With the theme of "Driving the Visionary Future" at Touch Taiwan 2023, AUO collaborates with ecosystem partners and utilizes its group resources to showcase a range of cutting-edge technologies and applications, including the smart cockpit, Micro LED and AUO ALED display technologies, and smart solutions for the entertainment, enterprise, and medical. In addition, AUO will exhibit its successful cases toward a circular economy in the Green Technology and New Energy exhibition area.
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Smart Cockpit

The Smart Mobility solution provides fully display solutions with software and hardware integration. At Touch Taiwan 2023, AUO will showcase the brand-new "AUO Smart Cockpit" an interface for third living spaces that focuses on delivering...


Smart Transportation

With the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles, that help to accelerate the growth of green energy market, AUO is also focused on the applications in outdoor, smart transportation and mobility fields...


Micro LED

AUO has long been dedicated to cultivating next-generation display technologies and cross-domain integration in the Micro LED industrial chain, spearheading its strategic deployments to complete the smart display ecosystem layout. AUO and its...


ALED Cinema

The AUO ALED Premium Home Cinema features a 163-inch ALED display integrated with AUO exclusive A.R.T. advanced reflectionless technology, achieving exceptional display effects of true black and minimal reflection. Unlike traditional displays...



In terms of gaming monitor and notebook PC displays integrating high refresh rate, high resolution and curved panel design, AUO has dedicated itself to satisfying the requirements of leading gamers with complete product lines. The latest high-resolution gaming...



As the hybrid work trend appears increasingly prevalent, it is more challenging to effectively manage enterprise spaces. AUO is applying a variety of leading technologies to smart business solutions, including the world’s first Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) display...



Advanced display technologies are also applied to the precision-oriented medical display solutions. From the perspective of users, AUO delves into the scenarios that how customers cope with the products, and transforms the demands into the development projects...


ESG Solutions

Facing the severe challenges brought about by climate change, AUO has been devoted to practicing sustainability & net-zero. AUO utilizes its group resources in display technology, clean energy and circular economy to realize green practices from...



  • 09:40 - 10:10
  • E1 Smart Display and Smart Machinery Industry ESG Research Association - Green Digitalization Seminar
  • Digital Enabling, Low-Carbon Transformation

    • Pei Yu Chen
      Special assistant to EVP, AUO Digitech Inc.
    • 14:55 – 15:20
  • K1 International Smart Display Application Conference
  • Cross-domain Innovation Advances the Next Generation of Display Technology and Applications

    • Wei-Lung Liau
      Chief Technology Officer, AUO Corporation
    • 9:40 – 10:10
  • L1 International Micro/Mini LED Display Conference
  • Micro LED Display – The Way to Mass Production

    • Ivan Wu
      Senior Associate Vice President, AUO Corporation
    • 11:55 – 12:10
  • T3 Net Zero Transformation X Circular Sustainability Conference
  • The Path for Enterprises to Initiate Zero-carbon Emission and Circular Sustainability

    • Ya-Chieh Chen
      Director, AUO Envirotech Inc.
    • 13:05 – 13:35
  • D1 International Smart Display Application Conference
  • Overseas Footprint of JECTOR Digital and Smart Education Trends

    • Sam Chen
      Overseas Business Department Vice President, JECTOR Digital Corporation
    • 14:35 – 15:05
  • B2 Advanced Automotive Display and Applications Forum
  • The Trend of Automotive Display Technology

    • Hong-Jye Hong
      Vice President, AUO Corporation

    Driving the Visionary Future: AUO Debuts Brand-new Smart Cockpit at Touch Taiwan 2023

    Display panels play a critical medium in the human-machine interactions of future smart cockpits. AUO will showcase its brand-new "AUO Smart Cockpit" at Touch Taiwan 2023, featuring the deployment of the "FIDM Plus Integrated Display Solution”, containing a large 55-inch pillar-to-pillar curved display that embeds cameras, IR LED, ambient light sensors, and large touch display integrated panels to achieve features of multi-screen synchronization, facial recognition for driver preference optimization and personalized calendar display, providing personalized navigation and information on display instantly.

    Spearheading the Micro LED Era, AUO leads Ecosystem Partners toward Commencement of Commercialized Mass Production

    At Touch Taiwan 2023, AUO and its ecosystem partners will showcase a variety of modules, systems, and solutions ranging from LED chips, mass transfer technology, and packaging, highlighting its crucial milestone in the commercialization of Micro LED technology. As AUO pioneers mass production of the 1.39-inch Micro LED Smartwatch, it signals the start of end product development and sets sail toward the new blue ocean in smart living.

    AUO Commercializes Seamless Tiled ALED® Displays, Enhancing Cross-domain Abilities to Create Premium Immersive Home Cinema

    In cross-domain collaborations with the film and television industry, AUO is relentlessly utilizing ALED display technologies to create premium immersive home cinemas that offer audiences the ultimate, exquisite audio-visual entertainment experiences. With years of accumulated integrating capabilities in forward-looking display technology and image processing, AUO ALED display utilizes fine-pitch seamless tiling technology that is infinitely extendable to overcome size restrictions, satisfying the needs of various shapes and sizes in display requirements, elevating conventional displays into becoming extended mediums that can inspire innovations and creativity.



    Date: 4.19 – 4.21
    Time: 11:00–12:00 、 14:00–15:00
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    Date 2023.4.19 - 4.21

    Venue Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall1,4F
    (No1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan)
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